Who is a collector

Collection agency also known as the debt management agency is an agency professionally specializing in out of court collection of outstanding receivables and problem debt, as well as business, the purpose of which is to support the payments by debts of natural and legal persons.

Collector is an object, device, etc. collecting anything. General meaning refers to a person who collects, accumulates, and integrates anything.

Based on the wording, we can give the following interpretation, Collector of the company "UkrBorg" is a specialist for the negotiations with debtors managing the transaction from the beginning until the repayment of the debt. In addition to competencies of negotiator the collector has knowledge of law.

Our collectors are the office professionals, and if a skinhead jock in a tracksuit knocks at your door you should know that it could be anyone, but not our employee!

Our professional collectors always offer solutions to debt problems; they attentively listen to and show understanding for client's situation. The debt collector is always ready to assist to a customer who wants to contact and get rid of the debt. Treat the debt collector as a serious partner who will help you to repay debt and live without it.

In order to maintain high standards of conduct within any kind of interaction with debtors (customers and partners), "UkrBorg" has developed the Code of Ethics.


1.1.  The Code of Collector's Ethics (hereinafter referred to as the "Code") defines the rules (standards) of ethical behavior of employees of "UkrBorg" and sets out the principles to be followed by all employees in their professional activities.  These principles are aimed at increasing efficiency and creating a positive business reputation of the Company.

1.2.  We conduct our business in full compliance with Ukrainian legislation, the rules of social behavior, this Code, established international standards of collection activities (FENCA Federation), as well as the standards established by the Association of Collecting Business of Ukraine (ACBU).

1.3.  We bear responsibility towards our customers for the quality of the services provided to the society and the state - for respect to the individual, rights and freedoms, for contribution to the economic development of the country where "UkrBorg" operates.

Employees of "UkrBorg" are learning, improving their knowledge and skills on a constant basis. To ensure this, the Company has founded the Training center, to develop and implement training courses, manuals and training for all staff levels: from line-level employees to the heads of department. Here you will get priceless experience, you will be able to develop own communication skills and expand practical knowledge in the field of financial and banking law.

Starting your career from the contact center, you will have the possibility of qualitative growth due to dynamic process of work in the Company. At least, it will be a good practice for you, at most, it will help to become professional in the financial sector.

Specialization in the settlement of bad debts, as well as knowledge of civil, credit and property laws is a unique qualification of "UkrBorg"; it will be a valuable asset for the developing person willing to learn new things. 

Thus, 5 main points of work of the Collector:

1. "It's hard to be good, when all around you think that you are bad" - nevertheless, thousands of debtors are grateful for us as we have helped them to solve the debt issue.

2. "Who's a collector? I will communicate with a representative of the bank only" - we deal only with overdue bank debt, which means that offer of the bank was not accepted by the debtor and the latter stopped to repay debt. Our conditions are more favorable and we write off 50% of the debt, and provide help to social debtors.

3. "Not deceive the collector, he will not believe you for the second time" - the common pattern of behavior of debtors deprives them of a more favorable offer for settlement. A constructive dialog is the key to mutual success.

4. "Treat the collector as you want him treat you" - we have a strictly business relationship with customers, and we have all the legal documents for the appeal on debt settlement, thus we call upon to be responsible within the framework of the signed legal deals.

5. "Debtors are often convinced that their lawyers know more and make them able not to pay the debts" - it is a delusion, because the team of lawyers of the Company consists of 70 experts ready to provide consultation to every client.


United team of "UkrBorg" includes 350 employees all over Ukraine and invites applicants wishing to become the part of our professional team.